I love you !

I love you

I always thought that our kind of relationship

only existed in dreams

In that past

I did not want to let anyone really know me


I find that I am telling you things about me

that I long ago forget

because I want you to understand

everything about me

I the past

I only wanted people to see the best of me


I find that I do not mind you`re seeing my faults

because I want you to accept me , the way I am

In the past

I thought that only I could make the right decisions for myself


I can discuss all my ideas with you

and you can help me make decisions

because I have such a complete trust in you

In the past

I did not care how I treated people


I find that I have a new sensitivity

towards everyone

because my softest emotions have been

awakened by you

In the past

love was a word that I was not sure of


I find that inside of me

every fiber , every nerve , every emotions , every feeling

is exploding

in an overwhelming emotion of love

I always thought that

our kind of relationship

only existed in dreams


I have found out that

our kind of relationship

is every better

than my dreams

and the love that

I have discovered

is all for you

/ 14 نظر / 10 بازدید
نمایش نظرات قبلی

در زندگي زخمهايي هست که مثل خوره روح را آهسته در انزوا مي خورد و مي تراشد اين دردها را نمي شود به کسي اظهار کرد چون عمومآ عادت دارند که اين دردها را جزء اتفاقات و پيش آمدهاي نادر و عجيب بشمردند و اگر کسي بگويد يا بنويسد مردم بر سبيل عقايد جاري و عقايد خودشان سعي مي کنند آن را با لبخند شکاک .يا تمسخرآميز تلقي بکنند


Hi Toktam, Huge hearts will accept huge loves and I wish best for you


ba ejaze baghiye doostan ghashang bood ;) movafagh bashi mohandes


دوباره سلام.من آپ کردم.بيا پيشم


سلام خوبی زيبا بود موفق باشی


مرسی لطف داريد

محدثه خانم

سلام تکتم جان وب لاگ خوبی داری امید وارم روز به روز هم بهتر و پر بار تر بشه فقط فونتت خیلی بزرگه البته فونت فارسیت یا حق.....

حسنك وزير

سلام ببخشيد اگه چند وقتی نتونستم سر بزنم